Celebrate Senior Citizens Day With These 8 Meaningful Activities

Celebrate Senior Citizens Day with These 8 Meaningful Activities | Banner Image
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Seniors are the backbone of our upbringing as they have shaped our communities, families, and society as a whole. Recognizing their contribution and expressing gratitude for their invaluable contributions is something that we don’t get to do every day. That is why we should celebrate National Senior Citizens Day on the 21st of August to honor their contribution with love and compassion. While a single day may seem inadequate to express the depth of our appreciation, it serves as a reminder to volunteer our time for them.  


In this blog post, we have carefully curated a list of activities that caregivers and family members can organize to make this Senior Citizens Day extra special.  

8 Ways to Make Seniors Feel Extra Special

Activities to Make Seniors Feel Loved

1. Conduct a technology training session

Seniors often feel hesitant or overwhelmed by modern technology due to a lack of familiarity or fear of the unknown. Technological knowledge can empower them and enhance their quality of life if they utilize it properly.   

Teach them about different electronics and digital devices and guide them on safe usage. Show them how to communicate with loved ones via video calls, send emails, access online streaming services, book online doctor consultations, or explore social media. It can help them stay engaged, connected, and informed in this rapidly evolving digital world.  


However, individuals should keep the following aspects in mind while guiding seniors on technologies:  

  • Begin with more user-friendly technologies or digital devices directly relevant to their interests or needs. It may include smartphones, tablets, or e-readers. 
  • Guide them about online security and restrictions regarding sharing personal or sensitive information.  
  • Ask them to check and verify their sources of information before sharing.

2. Cook their favorite dish together

Cooking together can be a delightful experience that initiates meaningful conversation and creates unforgettable memories. Ask seniors to share a beloved family recipe or their favorite dish that holds a sentimental value and prepare it together. Divide the tasks based on their comfort level and capabilities and try to involve them actively in the process.  

3. Take a day trip or plan a picnic

Plan an outing to a park, garden, museum, or any place they enjoy. Spend quality time outdoors, relishing the beauty of nature and each other’s company. Individuals may also consider light activities such as short walks, birdwatching, photography, etc., to make the trip more interesting. 


Bring their favorite snacks or pack their essential medications, sunscreen, hats, etc. Prioritize their comfort and ensure they have a shaded spot if needed. Make sure to consult their primary care physician before taking them out, especially considering their existing health conditions.

4. Teach them online games

Simple online games like sudoku, puzzles, word games, or card games not only provide entertainment but also stimulate cognitive functions and memory. Online multiplayer games also enable seniors to connect with friends, family, or even new acquaintances, which can help them combat feelings of loneliness 


Choose simple, easily accessible games based on seniors’ interests and abilities. Puzzles, word games, and card games are great options for beginners. Before starting any game, explain the rules in detail and play a round of the game with them to demonstrate how it works. However, caregivers or family members should set a routine for seniors to avoid excessive screentime and over-stimulation.

Some Activities to Make Seniors Feel Loved

5. Have a DIY art and craft session

Organize an art and craft session, which can work as a non-verbal medium to express emotions, memories, and thoughts. It can also help stimulate the brain, enhancing cognitive functions, memory, and problem-solving skills.  


Simple DIY projects like painting, knitting, or making greeting cards can be therapeutic and empowering, boosting their sense of accomplishment. Select projects that align with their interests and abilities and provide all necessary art supplies. Encourage them to explore their creativity and offer guidance wherever required.  

6. Create a personalized music playlist

Music often holds deep emotional connections, and it has the power to uplift spirits. Create a personalized playlist consisting of their favorite songs, preferred genre, or artists. Organize the songs in a meaningful order according to a specific era, mood, or personal significance. Spend time listening to the music together, sharing stories and memories associated with each song.  

If seniors are familiar with technology, share the playlist digitally. If not, create a physical playlist on a CD or USB drive.  

7. Help them learn something new

Learning should never stop, regardless of age. Encourage seniors to explore new interests or hobbies, such as learning a musical instrument, a new language, painting techniques, or gardening skills. To increase their enthusiasm, enroll in classes together or practice by watching online tutorials.   


Learning new skills or knowledge promotes personal growth and a sense of accomplishment, boosts self-confidence, and creates opportunities for social interactions.

8. Plan a movie or karaoke night

Set up a cozy movie night with their favorite films or classic movies they might enjoy. Alternatively, arrange a karaoke session where they can sing their heart out to their favorite tunes. Such activities can be immensely entertaining and foster a joyful atmosphere.  

Encourage participation but respect their comfort level. Some might want to sing solo, while others might prefer group singing.  

The Bottom Line

The primary goal of these activities is to share a good time together. While planning these activities, it is crucial to understand that the true magic lies not just in the activities themselves, but in the genuine effort and enthusiasm we bring to our elderly family members. Guiding seniors through learning, crafting, and new experiences requires patience, understanding, and a willingness to assist wherever needed. Tailor each activity to the individual’s preferences and comfort level to make the experience special and enjoyable.   


As we celebrate National Senior Citizens Day, let’s remind our elderly family members that they are loved and appreciated every day.  


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