All You Need to Know About Health Checkup Packages for Seniors

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Aging tends to make seniors vulnerable to many ailments and health conditions. Lifestyle habits, chronic illnesses, genetic predisposition can all play a role in their declining physical and cognitive health. But regular health checkups can help prevent and manage age-related diseases. They can also help identify any potential health issues before they become more serious.  

There are various health checkup packages to choose from, and each one is designed to suit the needs of the patient based on their medical history. Health checkup packages for seniors consist of a variety of laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures and physical examinations that can enable physicians to assess overall health. These tests can detect potential health concerns early when they’re most treatable.  

While health checkup packages are essential for people of all ages, seniors above 60 may need a more comprehensive one. health checkup. This is because senior citizens are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses or conditions that only present noticeable symptoms in old age.  


There are various illnesses associated with aging, these include: 


  • Heart disease 
  • Diabetes 
  • Cataract
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Arthritis 
  • Alzheimer’s Disease 
  • High/low blood pressure 
  • Pulmonary disease


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Routine checkups and screenings can help manage most of the illnesses that affect the elderly. Therefore, it is important for seniors to consult a physician to discuss which health checkup package would be best for them. 

How Do Health Check Up Packages Benefit Senior Citizens?

Benefits of a Health Checkup Package

There are various benefits of health checkup packages. Here are ä few: 

Detects Diseases Early

Health checkup packages can help detect potentially life-threatening diseases in the early stages, allowing for prompt and effective treatment. It can also save seniors from the risks associated with late-stage diagnosis of diseases like Cancer. 

Identifies Health Risks

Seniors that have predisposition for certain diseases due to their lifestyle or family history can identify potential health risks and get help for them before their health takes a turn for the worse. 

Manages Chronic Diseases

A health checkup package can help seniors manage the symptoms of pre-existing health conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol. Additionally, it can provide them with necessary tools and resources to manage their health better. 

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Reduces Hospitalizations

Regular health check-ups can identify potential health concerns before they become too serious, thereby reducing the need for hospitalization.  

Lowers Cost of Treatment

Getting frequent checkups can help reduce the cost of medical care in the long run as it prevents illnesses from worsening to the point that it requires more intensive and expensive treatment. 

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What Does an Ideal Seniors’ Health Checkup Package Consist of?

Health checkup packages can include a wide variety of assessments to measure blood pressure, cholesterol levels, heart rate, functional abilities and more. An ideal health checkup package for seniors will consist of these tests:

CBC Test

The CBC (Complete Blood Count) test is the most performed blood test. It is used to screen for a variety of conditions, including anemia, infection, inflammation and cancers. The test measures red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit and platelets. CBC tests can reveal an unusual increase or decrease in cell count which may indicate a health issue that requires further testing. 

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Kidney Profile Checkup

A Kidney Profile Checkup consists of a series of tests used to assess kidney function. These tests measure blood urea nitrogen, creatinine levels, electrolyte levels, urine protein levels and urine specific gravity. The results from these tests can help ascertain how well the kidney can filter waste and maintain electrolyte and acid-base balance. 

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Thyroid Profile Checkup

A Thyroid Profile Checkup involves blood tests to measure levels of hormones related to the thyroid gland. The result of these tests can help diagnose thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. It can also help detect iodine deficiency which can lead to goiter and other thyroid disorders. It can also identify problems caused by an overactive thyroid which can be caused by chronic stress.  

Lipid Profile Checkup

A Lipid Profile Checkup or a Cholesterol Panel is a blood test that measures the levels of cholesterol and other lipids (fats) in the blood. The test is used to help evaluate the risk of developing heart disease and other health problems related to the build-up of fats in the arteries.

Fasting Blood Glucose Test

A fasting blood glucose test measures blood sugar after 8 hours of fasting. This test is used to diagnose diabetes or prediabetes. It can also help detect insulin resistance, pancreatic disorders and metabolic syndromes.  

Some health check-up packages may even include vision and hearing tests. Seniors are recommended to consult with their physicians for more guidance on which tests are more useful for them based on their health history. 

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In the United States, 95% of senior citizens suffer from at least one chronic disease and about 80% of them suffer from two or more diseases. Lifestyle habits can play an important role in developing certain health challenges. For example, poor diet and inactivity can greatly increase the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and more. Fortunately, diagnostic tests and evaluations included in the health checkup packages can help assess risk factors and help take proactive measures to improve health.

For annual health checkups or screenings, visit the nearest EliteCare Health Centers clinic. Visit this website to schedule an appointment today.   

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